QAre V-TEX shoes only for women?
No, V-TEX knit waterproof shoes are unisex, and we also provide child's shoes.


QDoes V-TEX have a brick-and-mortar?
For now, we mainly sell our products on-line. Our try-on location:

Taipei Ningxia Branch- 2F., No.22-2, Ningxia Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City
TEL02-25506279 Vivi Lin
 Taichung Zhongming Branch- 9F., No.303, Zhongming S. Rd., West Dist., Taichung City  
TEL04-23019329 Cliff Chang    

高雄正百運動用品廣場(旗艦店) - 高雄縣鳳山市中山路55-1 TEL : (07) 743-3189


Q : If I got my shoes and the size didnt fit me, can I exchange?
A :Yes, please read our after-sales support page,


Q : What's the difference between waterproof and water-repellent?
A :Many water resistant shoes on the market claim they are
daily water resistance, but they are not truly waterproof.
In order to distinguish from stereotype, V-TEX possesses the
real 100% waterproof technology.


Q :How long is the duration of waterproof and moisture wicking?
A : Generally speaking, the duration of waterproof could be 5~10 years. However, improper use of the shoes,
such as worn by rough, sharp object pierce through,
wash in washing machine, may cause the membrane to be deformed or damaged.
Then water may seep through the damaged area.

Q : Recommended storage methods?
A :When you take off V-TEX
waterproof shoes,
we highly recommend storing them in dry and ventilated place .
IF the V-TEX shoes, especially the uppers were submerged in water, after using,
please storing them in dry and ventilated place to dry the surface.
If you wore your V-TEX waterproof shoes deep into water, and the water seeped through the opening at the ankles,
please put them in dry and ventilated place to make them dry more quickly.

Q : How to clean my V-TEX?

A : Please order the following 4 steps. 
1) Soak in water. You can use water based soap or non-solvent type detergent.
2) Wipe knit surface gently with damp cloth or soft sponge.
3) Let soap bubbles stay on the surface few seconds.
4) Rinse them with water.
DO NOT use a brush to scrub knit upper.
Shoes brushes can be used to clean the outsole. 

Q: Can I wear V-TEX shoes without socks on?
A: One of our user with sweaty feet gave us feedback that he wore V-TEX shoes to exercise 30 minutes without any odor problem.
Owing to the
unique V-TEX moisture wicking function,
hot moisture can be wicked away and no water can getting in.
V-TEX offers the highest level of wearing comfort.