V-TEX The Best Waterproof Shoes On Earth


Q: Why V-TEX UK size is different from others?

We use uni-sex UK size for our size chart and we do not have half size. For half size, we suggest you to go one size up since the extra space would be alright if you wear socks. Also, for precise measurement, please follow our “Instruction of the measurement” and convert the measurement to our unisex UK size. 

*Please note that the size like US and EU you wear regularly won’t be accurate enough to convert to our size since the chart of every brand could be slightly different.



Q: Instruction of the measurement

Please stand on a blank paper, trace the shape of your feet then measure it with the ruler. This longest part (from heel to toe) is the CM of your feet and the widest part is the width of your feet. Once you have the length and the width in CM, use the chart below to convert CM to V-TEX uni-sex UK size.

*Note : For V-TEX High Top shoes, it will feel tighter than Low Top when wearing. If you prefer relaxed fit, tend to have wider feet or prefer wearing thick socks with shoes, we suggest you to choose one size larger than regular size or the size you measured with previous instruction. 

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Q: How to take care of my V-TEX?

Please clean your V-TEX with following 4 steps

(1) Soak in water. You can use water based soap or non-solvent type detergent.

(2) Wipe knit surface gently with damp cloth or soft sponge.

(3) Let soap bubbles stay on the surface few seconds.

(4) Rinse them with water.

*DO NOT use a brush to wash V-TEX knit upper as it might damage the membrane inside. Shoe brushes can only be used to clean the outsole.

*Prevent anything sharp from the knit top


*Store your V-TEX in a dry, well ventilated place.



Q: How durable is the waterproofness of V-TEX shoes?


In terms of waterproof durability, unless the shoes are damaged by the sharp object and effect the inside membrane, the waterproofness of the shoes could last as long as the lifespan of the regular sneaker. Also, proper care for the shoes could make the shoes duration longer. If there is any leaking issue happened (non-human factor damage), please contact us. We would try our best to help with further arrangements.



Q: What is V-TEX exchange & refund policy?

Exchange of size and style is available but both way international shipping cost would be at customers’ expense. You could choose the way you prefer to send back the shoes to us and we need to charge 25 USD per pair from you for shipping back the new one to you.


Therefore, we suggest you to double check with the size before placing the order. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about sizing and so on. We would try our best to help you find your best fit!



Q: How will V-TEX be shipped?

We use international courier service such as DHL, FedEx and TNT to deliver our shoes directly from our Taiwanese factory to customers. This ensures backers to receive shoes as soon as they are ready for shipment. 


*Please note that there might be import tax charged by the customs according to the local law.



Q: Can I wear V-TEX without socks?

You can wear V-TEX shoes with or without socks depending on personal preference as V-TEX has breathable,  moisture wicking function that will take your sweat vapor away.


*Please note that your toenails might damage the membrane. If you tend to grow your toenails long, we suggest you to wear the shoes with socks to protect the membrane.



Q: Is the insole of V-TEX shoes removable?


Our insole is removable and you could replace the original one with other kinds of insoles that we have on our official website or the one you prefer.