V-TEX The Best Waterproof Shoes On Earth




V-TEX used the waterproof patent layer and the progress with the highest scale on every product.

It can cover and suit your feet at the same time, also remove the sweat from them.
No matter it occurs to raining or spilled juice on your shoes, they can keep your feet comfortable all day long.

4-layer-knitting technology

The special patented knitted 4-layer-technology.
We have the breathable knit layer on the outside, next is the waterproof breathable membrane layer only for V-TEX, and the elastomer and inner lining layer.



Here are some simple function introduction for each layer.

  1. (1) breathable knit layer : breathable, anti-siphon and 360 degree cover.
  2. (2) the waterproof breathable membrane layer (V-TEX only) : waterproof, windproof and quickly get rid of the sweat.
  3. (3) elastomer layer : comfortable, and will suit your feet more.
  4. (4) Inner lining layer : touch your skin directly, just like you are wearing nothing.




All New 3D patented technology

To protect your feet in every way, we develop a progress that can combine waterproof, breathable, flexible and lightweight together.

3D Seamless Technology_750.jpg


V-TEX 3rd Party Test Report and Certificates