V-TEX The Best Waterproof Shoes On Earth



Cliff Chang took the company from selling industrial products to finished consumer goods. 

With Cliff's vision, need for innovation and talented team - V-TEX was born. 




V-TEX is a waterproof shoe brand with factories in Taiwan with design teams and sales offices in Korea, Japan, Germany and the UK. V-TEX uses raw material to create functional membranes which become your waterproof shoes, totally on our own. We have been producing waterproof raw materials and functional films for decades and have been producing the V-TEX Low Top waterproof shoes with our patented technology while selling them in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea for years. 





With our international shoe design teams collaborating from Japan, Korea, Germany, and the UK - we're working with today's best talent to bring you tomorrow's best shoe. 


These combined efforts of multiple design signals, high-grade materials and a passion for quality is what we are standing by.