V-TEX The Best Waterproof Shoes On Earth



V-TEX The Best Waterproof Shoes On Earth

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Bumping into a heavy rain when I was traveling in a desert of Dubai, the city which is as hot as summer in every season.Due to the sudden fierce wind with sand storm, we couldn’t land on the airport that we were plan to be. All we can do was to make an emergency landing on the airport nearby.We had to walk on feet from outside of the apron to inside without any jetway.Although the clothes could be replaced immediately, the shoes were dirtied by muddy water could barely be worn.

At that time, there was an idea growing in my mind that I must research and develop a pair of shoes, which combine waterproof, sandproof, easy washing and extremely light together.After coming back to Taiwan, I put the thought into action and founded V-TEX. 



 Take less, and bring more.

“Elegant Travel” is our core spirite..
You need to conquer many obstacles outside, and strong enough to face everything calmly inside.
Maybe you’ll meet a downpour in Paris, all you need to do is wearing V-TEX and taking an umbrella by your side, and you can walk on the street with tourist getting less.Admiring the spectacular of Louvre, praise the beauty and wisdom.Or you can wear something warm and go outside to see the snow cover the ground in Hokkaido.

You can also be random and keep elegant at the same time.
Do not have to bring something else like boots or slippers while going on a trip.
Besides that, you may need to attend a formal occasion or go to a temple that slippers are not allowed.All you need is a pair of V-TEX, and you can be free in anywhere anytime,also bring back the best experience and memories. 

Putting on your V-TEX, enjoy the trip.
Take less, and bring more memories.