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Product details

product details

Subvert your definition of waterproof shoes! 

V-TEX, The Best Waterproof Shoes On Earth 

 防水靴に対する世の中の常識を覆す! V-TEX 地上最強の防水靴  




V-SHARK Series



With special moisture drawing and moisture wicking functions, 

the water can’t come in but the moisture can get out. 




488g lightweight design, 

it’s light like a feather and you can walk easily without any problem.

4 layers of special materials, 

it’s not only waterproof but also very comfortable.



50,000 times waterproof test. Different from normal waterproof shoes, V-TEX waterproof shoes are real 100% Waterproof Vegan Nanotech. The shoes’ waterproof ability could last for 5-10 years under proper use.



Fit for any extreme weather conditions. Walking and riding the scooter to work in a rainy day without any problem. With V-TEX shoes, you start to expect the rainy day. You can still be fashionable in a rainy day. Besides the function of waterproof, V-TEX shoes are also windproof and heat resistant.